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Wiadomości Archeologiczne online

Free DjVu plugin is required to view Wiadomości Archeologiczne online.
The plugin can be downloaded from Cuminas website. If the plugin is properly installed but the online viewer is not working, please try opening this page in another browser.

Attention: modern browsers do not support the classic DjVu plugin. In order to view the volumes online please use Internet Explorer, Chrome version 41 or older or Firefox version 51 or older.

If the older browser versions are not available you can also download the .djvu file to your hard drive using the link provided under the header.

The project of digitization of archival volumes (I–XXV) of Wiadomości Archeologiczne
was funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Ministry of Science and Higher Education

In March 2014 the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw received co-financing from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the project “Wiadomości Archeologiczne” – the oldest Polish periodical of archaeology online (Contract No. 573/P-DUN/2014). After this project concludes in 2016, the website of “Wiadomości Archeologiczne” will offer additional 35 volumes of the periodical (from volume XXVI).